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Category: Spatial analysis

Dec 18

Using Spatial Data Analysis as An Important Marketing Tool

Running or managing any kind of business involves being able to accurately gauge your target audience at the very outset. This is a crucial step that can play a big role in determining the success or failure of any business. Research of many kinds can be required in the process of running a business and this is the research that can arguably be the most important to start things off on the right foot. This is where processes like spatial analysis and location intelligence can be extremely useful.

When it comes to running or managing any business successfully, the initial need is to find people to sell to. There can be a lot of parameters that you might be looking at to determine whether a particular audience has the potential to become potential buyers in the future. With the help of specialized demographic reporting tools and spatial data analysis, you can form a concrete idea about the tastes and preferences of specific groups of people with the help of several important data

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Jan 18

Population Growth and the Need for Effective Demographic Reporting and Data Analysis

Geospatial technology

The world’s population is already significant. Current data indicates that there are roughly 6.5 billion people that live on this planet. Within the next four decades, however, the population is expected to increase by 50%. This means that there may be more than 12 billion people living throughout the world.

Given the immense amount of data that is created every day, combined with the current and expected population growth, demographic reporting and data analysis is even more crucial. In order to anticipate and then provide the types of goods and services that may be needed now and in the future, logical steps need to be taken.

Dresner Advisory Services conducted a global business survey in February 2014. This survey revealed that ?more than half of all respondents across all industries say

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