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Archive for September, 2019

Sep 19

What is Hybrid Integration?

Hybrid cloud integration can seem daunting at first, but it is actually quite useful once it is understood. Many businesses are adopting the hybrid cloud platform and use of hybrid cloud integration is growing rapidly. Certain features and capabilities are required for hybrid integration, which can cause confusion in the market. However, this popular service is cost-effective and allows for flexibility.

What is Hybrid Integration?

When hybrid integration is being mentioned, it can become confusing fast. Questions like, “what is hybrid integration and what is hybrid cloud” may be thrown around. However, hybrid integration and the hybrid cloud are virtually the same thing. Hybrid clouds are those that consist of one or more private clouds. Private clouds are those that run on private hardware, as in they are not open to the public. Hybrid clouds also have at least

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Sep 19

How to Test a Transformer

Being able to measure the flow of energy is important, especially to a utility company. There is equipment for testing energy, and skilled professionals are trained to assess and collect data regarding energy systems and their consumption. When it comes to electricity, you can utilize meters to record electrical usage. These meters undergo a meter test to ensure they work properly. Transformers are important to an electrical circuit and transformer test instruments are used to test these.

Why Test a Transformer?

The main principle regarding how transformers work is that each electrical field generates a magnetic field and each magnetic field generates an electrical field. There are a variety of transformers available on the market nowadays, and transformer test instruments. Whether the transformer is big or small, it’s vital to check it so as to understand whether or not it operates well.

How to Test a Transformer

First of all, you should do a v

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Sep 19

How to Use Decorative Wire Mesh to Liven Your Space

There are two types of wire mesh. One is welded, with longitudinal and latitudinal wires arrangements. The other type is the woven mesh which takes various patterns or shapes. The two can be used to liven up your space along with protecting it depending on how they’re installed.

For example, welded wire mesh is used in elevator cab interior while woven mesh can be used to partition a room. In the case of partitioning a room, it’s preferable to use decorative steel mesh which comes in a wide variety of patterns and shapes. In other words, these meshes can be custom made to fit your needs.

Woven and wire mesh can also be used in the construction of bridges, buildings, and other architectural structures. Let’s look at how decorative steel mesh can improve the look of your building.

1. It Adds Style

Architectural metal mesh can be used to cover the outer side of the building. The mesh creates an attractive look and offers protection against harsh condit

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Sep 19

Architectural Metal – Bringing Designs to Life

Architectural metal is growing in popularity for commercial and residential spaces. This material combines metal work with architectural structures. Not only is architectural metal work visually striking, but it is also very versatile. It can be used on homes, stores, offices and buildings. Popular metals used in this kind of fabrication are iron, aluminum, steel, magnesium, copper and nickel. An example of this versatile metal material is called architectural metal mesh.

What is It?

Architectural mesh is flexible wire mesh, and it is a customizable material. Even though it is malleable, it is still durable and also sustainable. It can be used for a number of different installations like architectural railings, fences and enclosures, millwork and cladding, parking garages, canopies, and custom ceilings. It can also be used for furniture, space dividers and displays.

Because the material is customizable, you can create the effect you envisioned. Custo

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Sep 19

Here are 3 Things to Know About Network Time Protocol

From almost the moment computers were invented, the digital systems and networks created between them has become increasingly complicated. Now, in the digital era, the Internet has grown to gargantuan proportions, fueled by millions of computers that all need to be held in sync with one another, despite operating simultaneously all over the world. One system that works to keep things in balance and organized is something known as Network Time Protocol or NTP. It’s entirely possible you haven’t heard of NTP before, but it’s important to computers in many ways. There are many things you should know about Network Time Protocol, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • NTP Should Not Be Confused with PTP: One of the first things that you should know about NTP is that it is not the same as another system known as PTP. Network Time Protocol has been in operation since before 1985, and is one of

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