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Archive for March, 2018

Mar 18

Big Data Analysis has Many Applications for Businesses and Government

Entity extraction from text

This is the age of big data. Very large data sets from diverse sources and in diverse formats, that are too large for traditional relational database analysis, are subsumed under this title. Advanced data analysis uses techniques like text analytics, predictive analytics, data mining, and natural language processing to analyze big data. Big data analysis can be used by businesses, government agencies and researchers to make better decisions. Uses of big data analysis include functions like financial compliance and identity resolution applications.

Big data defies traditional database analysis
Big data is here and it’s getting bigger by the minute. Its sources are mostly digital, such as social media, networks, sensors, devices, video/audio, logs, transactional appl

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Mar 18

Website Design and Social Media Marketing Help Companies Succeed

Seo company fort worth

We are a social bunch.
From the number of times that we text our friends and post about our days, in fact, you would think that we would have little time for anything else. We post about our daughter’s successful swim meet, we complain about a nosey neighbor, and we text our families with updates about the latest sale that you found at the mall.
It should come as no surprise then that social media marketing drives the sales of many products. From daily posts about all of the newest clothing items that have come into the corner boutique to weekly contests for a local radio stations, social media marketing is a key component for the marketing plan for many companies. For some companies, in fact, social media is th

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