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What to Consider When Buying External Hard Drives

Cell phone cables

If you are trying to look into category 6 ethernet cables or cat5e ethernet cables to link up your home network, at some point you are going to come across the need for USB cables like USB 2.0 cables or USB 3 cables. No matter how your home network is wired up with category 6 ethernet cables, you’ll need to be consistent about backing up your computer. If you don’t trust a software program like the cloud, then you may want to consider a physical copy of your files. This is where an external hard drive would come into pla

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Save Your Business Big Bucks Switch to VoIP

Premise based voip systems

Do you wish you could update your existing phone system, but aren’t sure where to start? For businesses, the phone system can really make or break the customer’s experience. Think back to when you have called a business for answers. Chances are, if the call quality was poor you were frustrated even if the issue was resolved or the question answered. Think about the phones at your work. Could you use a business phone system consultation?

When small businesses are just getting off the ground, they are likely more concerned with bringing in customers than what type of phone system they’ll install. Traditional based phone systems are what people generally know how to use without guidance. A straight-forward cordless

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Why Construction Companies Need IT Services As Much as Any Other Business

Pre-engineered steel buildings

With computers, smartphones, and other wireless devices in the hands of virtually everyone in our country, IT services have become an important part of our everyday life. We rely on them at work to help us navigate more complicated systems and there are even personalized online IT chat rooms or help services to help us at home if we need them. And, of course, our more informal IT services in the form of knowledgeable, more tech-savvy family and friends. However, interestingly enough, industrial construction companies also rely heavily on IT services, which may not be the first industry that comes to mind when you think about businesses who need IT services. However, for detailed planning, architectural plans, e

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