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5 Tips for Hiring the Right IT Management Team

All day, every day, computer hackers with nefarious intentions work hard all over the planet to get into computer networks to wreak havoc. Some go into to steal data, others infect computer networks with malware and ransomware. It has been estimated that a result of all of those attacks and problems is that now nearly 60% of all businesses worry about cyber attacks and what they can mean for their business, and they often turn to a managed IT team.

Moreover, whether a problem that brings a network down because of nefarious activity or because of something less malicious, downtown for a computer network means bad news for companies. More than half of all businesses, about 54% of businesses report that they have experienced a crisis like this that lasted more than eight hours. If you are looking to protect your business and want to bring in a managed IT services company. Finding the right one can be a great undertaking but these tips can help.

  1. Make sure you know wh

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Software Makes it Easy to Open Your Business to Ecommerce

In the digital age it is more important than ever for businesses to use an ecommerce management system. CPGs, consumer packaged goods, have been traditionally sold in physical store locations; however, there has been a shirt in recent years for CPGs to be sold in the ecommerce sector. In the United States alone, grocery store sales of these packaged goods are projects to drop from 45% to 37% by the year 2025. More and more consumers are setting their sights on online shopping, and it is up to businesses to try and keep up.

What is an Ecommerce Management System?

Simply put, ecommerce management systems allow for a business to sell products or services in an online market. This will allow you to reach a whole to clientele base, that a traditional brick and mortar store would not. Management systems can allow business to monitor all aspects of online sales.

What are the Main Features?

An good ecommerce management system should include:

  • A U

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Immersion Cooling GPU Facts and More

Immersion cooling is an essential tactic to help any business or computer user keeping their computer and hardware healthy. Extreme heat or generally high temperatures are very dangerous for computer’s hardware and can wreck a data center. After all, these hardware pieces need fair temperatures to operate at a high level. so here are some facts on immersion cooling GPU and more.

First and foremost, GPU in immersion cooling GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It is a logic chip that can be programmed in a special manner for certain types of display functions. It helps to create and render animations, videos, and images as well. Plenty of people use these chips for gaming or doing graphic design work!

Graphic design and website design are tow huge parts of making a website. That is why immersion cooling GPU is such a huge deal to tech companies. Keep in mind that by 2023, Global Data Center Liquid Cooling Market is going to reach nearly $4.55 billion!


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