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Common Errors in the PCB Assembly Process

Pcb fabrication

In most cases, the circuit board assembly process is simple, quick, and convenient. Circuit board assembly also generally occurs rapidly and error free. However, sometimes problems do occur during the circuit board assembly process. Depending on the type of error, the entire legend may need to be reprinted or that step in the process may need to be repeated. The following are some of the most common errors during the turnkey PCB process.

Improper number of layer designs

More complex of circuit board assembly projects has a greater number of layers. Sometimes this error happens during the design process, meaning there were not enough layers accounted for. The problem can also occur during the printing

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Following OHSA Set Safety Guidelines for Trench Boxes

Railway bridge

Building design and construction is extremely detailed. Not only does every aspect of the building and road need to be designed in detail, but the build method needs to be carefully planned. Until all of the required structures of the building are in place, it can be difficult to ensure support. This is often solved with shoring. Excavation shoring is a method that temporarily shores, or props, the building foundation up, while work is being completed. Because excavation shoring is used to safely hold up the building, the following safety precautions and steps are a crucial part of the process.

Basic excavation shoring requirements
There are a few requirements for even the most basic of excavation shoring projects. Many of these requirements are set by OHSA to ensure safety of

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Preparing for Future Technology Advancements

Network racks

The internet is growing on a daily basis. While we sit back and enjoy the current technologies we have, IT professionals and designers are working on even more advanced of technology. Businesses expand upon their internet and technology capabilities to increase customer bases, as well as to become leaders in the market. Although any IT professional would agree that these regular advancements are important, it requires a great amount of preparation. Data centers more than 7 years old are considered out of date as per Green Computing norms. However, in practical the average life of a data center is considered to be 9 years. A data center that wants to significantly expand needs to focus on the following data center room additions.

Server racks
Server racks are actually a basic or

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